The 21st ICCA season took place in 2017. It included over 367 groups from the US, Canada, and the UK. For the 21st season, 5,645 performers in 367 groups from 210 different colleges and universities in 177 different cities across 35 states competed to make it to New York City and win it all.[1]


The Nor'easters performing their opening song: Cheyenne, OPB Jason Derulo

This season, The Nor'easters from Northeastern University in Boston, MA took home the win. Their set consisted of the following songs:[2]

Song Title Original Artist Soloist Arranger
Cheyenne Jason Derulo Ryan Hannon, Claudia Moericke Shams Ahmed
715 - CRΣΣKS Bon Iver Elliott Von Wendt
Who's That Girl Rosie Lowe Claudia Moericke Elliott Von Wendt and Shams Ahmed
Intro Ellie Goulding Elliott Von Wendt
Writing's On the Wall Sam Smith Anthony Rodriguez Shams Ahmed

When interviewed by The Huntington News (Northeastern University's campus newspaper), soloist Anthony Rodriguez elaborated on his emotions after their win:

“It feels so surreal that we are the international champions,” Rodriguez said. “I can’t believe it. Ever since high school, I have wanted to be in the Nor’easters and ever since getting into the group I have wanted to compete. This is my first time competing and we ended up winning all four rounds, so I just feel so accomplished in every way and I’m so proud and honored to be a part of this group.”[3]

Final Results

Rank[4] Group Institution Region
1 The Nor'easters Northeastern University Northeast
2 Voices in Your Head University of Chicago Great Lakes
3 ScatterTones University of California, Los Angeles Southwest
- Amazin' Blue University of Michigan Wild Card
- Aquapella University of Bath United Kingdom
- The Beltones Belmont University South
- Furmata A Cappella University of Washington Northwest
- Ohio State of Mind Ohio State University Midwest
- The Trills Towson University Mid-Atlantic
- The Water Boys University of Waterloo Central

Special Awards

Award Title Recipient Group Piece
Outstanding Soloist Anthony Rodriguez The Nor'easters "Writing's On the Wall"
Outstanding Vocal Percussion Jojo Otseidu Ohio State of Mind Entire Set
Outstanding Arranagement Will Cabaniss Voices in Your Head "How Deep is Your Love"
Outstanding Choreography Erin McCollough and Alexander Graham Aquapella Entire Set
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